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by TaNa-Jo

K so first: The pallet is bright and it goes very well together. I myself am not a fan of brighter colors, but I suggest you use this i...

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Nectarsong of Bayclan by Herr-Shtick Nectarsong of Bayclan :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 0 0 Me (realistically) as a cat by Herr-Shtick Me (realistically) as a cat :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 1 3 Spasibo APH by Herr-Shtick Spasibo APH :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 1 0 Adoptable batch 1 by Herr-Shtick Adoptable batch 1 :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 1 12
Warrior Cats OC:

Name: Sleet
Current rank: Loner
Age (moons): 18
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Biromantic

Birth season: Leaf-fall
Date of Birth: October 26
Place if Birth: Dark alleys of BloodClan
Current residence: Wandering in the City

Size and build: Large and Stocky
Kit/ten name: Sleet
Apprentice name: Sleetpaw
Warrior name: Sleetfrost
Loner name: Sleet
Breed: Domestic shorthair
Eye color: Bright blue
Coat color: Silver
Coat length: Short
Markings: Black simple tabb
:iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 0 0
Herr Shtick by Herr-Shtick Herr Shtick :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 0 0 Cat base by Herr-Shtick Cat base :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 1 0 He's so cute but it makes me uncomfortable DX by Herr-Shtick He's so cute but it makes me uncomfortable DX :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 1 0
Warrior Cats OC info: Herr Shtick
Warrior Cats OC info:
Name: Stick

Rank: Loner

Age (moons): 23


Sexuality: Homoflexible 

Birth season:Summer of 2014

Size and build: Large and semi-slender

Kit/ten name: Stick
Kittypet name: Stick
Loner name: Stick
Nickname: Herr Shtick
Breed: Abyssinian/Havana Brown
Eye color: Hazel (green-brown)
Coat color: Dull, dark brown and almost white underbelly
Coat length: Short-medium
Markings: Light ear insides, almost white underbelly and almost white front left paw
Distinct features: Sixth toe on front left paw
Personality: Very quiet and some-what serious.
:iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 0 8
Warriors OC info base MUST LINK BACK
Also: Visual ref

Warrior Cats OC info base:
Current rank:
Age (moons):

Birth season:
Date of Birth:
Place if Birth:
Current residence:

Size and build:
Kit name:
Apprentice name:
Warrior name:
Medicinecat-apprentice name:
Medicinecat name:
Elder name:
Deputy name:
Leader name:
Kittypet name:
Loner name:
Rogue name:
Eye color:
Coat color:
Coat length:
Distinct features:
Special moves:

Mother:  Father:
Mate:  Kits:
Mentor:  Apprentices:
:iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 0 0
A few seconds before she started barking by Herr-Shtick A few seconds before she started barking :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 2 0 Camera shy? by Herr-Shtick Camera shy? :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 0 0 Sie ist so ein niedlicher Welpe! by Herr-Shtick Sie ist so ein niedlicher Welpe! :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 2 0 Russia and Germany .:APH:. by Herr-Shtick Russia and Germany .:APH:. :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 1 0 Deutschland Morning Icon .:APH:. by Herr-Shtick Deutschland Morning Icon .:APH:. :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 0 4 Headcanon 3 by Herr-Shtick Headcanon 3 :iconherr-shtick:Herr-Shtick 2 0
Here's a bit of a taste of what you'll see in my gallery:



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2/22/2016 || So many shipping favorites A_A
2/28/2016 || Wallpapers :/


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So... I named my very first fursona "Dinkie K", and I just recently found out that dink is slang for the male genitals, and dinkie is slang for noticeably smaller male genitals. Great. 
I can't add things to my Favorites folders because of the update :/


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